Applications include:

-Die plates for Time Stamp Machines
-Brass Dies for Hot Stamping and Gold Stamping of
  Leather Goods and Plastics
-Brass Type and Dies
-Hebrew Type

Die Plates for Time Stamp Machines:

-In the Time Stamp line we do year wheel engraving, letter wheel engraving, and die plate engraving.

-For check certifiers - Time Stamp / Date Machines and Check Signers

-We engrave dies used on all types of time stamp machines manufactured by:



Brass Dies for Hot Stamping and Gold Stamping:


-Belt Manufacturers
-Luggage Manufacturers
-Sports Equipment

-Wedding album Monogram Type.


-Poker Chips and dice
-Signs and displays
-Electronic Components
-Ceramic Components

Brass Type:

-Used for hot stamping and embossing on books.
-Excellent for use on leather, cloth, paper, soft plastics and ribbons.
-Ask for a copy of our type catalog, showing all the various type faces available.

Hebrew Type:

-Used in apparel, religious paraphenial, books, etc.
-One of the only manufacturers Type & Dies of Hebrew Brass in the world.
-Overseas shipping is available.


Delivery to meet your requirements.
Rush services available.

Quotations: Talk to us regarding your specific application. Send in artwork via mail, fax, or e-mail. Pieces are machined to your exact equipment specifications.


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