At N.B.C. Engraving, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. All of the time stamp plates and brass type and dies that we ship, are of the highest craftsmanship in the industry. Handcrafted and individually finished, each unique plate is thoroughly inspected before it ever leaves our facilities, making sure it will work the first time. Pride is built into every product we craft.

Many of our competitors offer you a inferior product engraved into a less durable substance. However, the brass that we primarily use is
a far stronger material giving you, the consumer, more longevity on your purchase, and hence, more value for your dollar.

Every employee of N.B.C. Engraving is a skilled craftsman, who had dedicated years to the art of engraving. In fact, the process that we use - pantograph machine engraving - dates back to the 1800's and has been refined through the years. We at N.B.C. Engraving feel that the time-tested procedure we use, and the skill of our craftsman is the key to our superior product.


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