From engraving instrument panels for our planes and ships during WWII, through the hot stamping dies and time stamp plates of today, N.B.C. Engraving remains a source of superior machine engraving.

For over 65 years, Cam Scagliotti and his staff have been producing all types of machine engraved plates and dies.
Brass type and dies for the Hot Stamping and Gold Stamping industry are manufactured with precision and pride. We are one of the only manufacturer's of Hebrew Brass type in the world.

Time stamp dies and facsimile signature plates are manufactured for all models of time stamp and signature machines. Made from solid brass, these dies are not only durable, but also provide sharp and clear impressions unmatched by any other dies on the market.

As we enter the Twenty First century, N.B.C. Engraving remains ready to combine new technologies with old fashioned skill and caring to provide you with the best possible engraved dies.


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